River City Kids

Sunday Mornings in River City Kids

Parents/guardians can check in by using the last 4 digits of the phone number associated with their account. If they are checking in for the first time or as a guest, the River City Kids Monitor at the check-in desk will assist them. They will need to complete a short form of information for the secure drop off and pick-up of their kid(s) and appropriate room assignment of their child.

River City Kids classrooms disciple children ages 0 to second grade. Kids are divided up into age-appropriate classrooms to receive Bible lessons and activities in age-appropriate groupings. Kids begin their Sundays in the sanctuary with their parents/guardians and remain in service for announcements, one worship song, the pastoral prayer, and a scripture reading, after which the reader will dismiss parents to take children to RCkids classrooms. Our classrooms with age ranges are as follows:

  • Nursery: 0 to 18 months
  • Toddler room: 19 months to three years old
  • Preschool room: three to five years old
  • Elementary room: Kindergarten through second grade students

Parents/guardians can pick up children before they collect their communion elements, utilizing a security code on a sticker provided with their check-in name tags. The corresponding code tag should be shown to all classes and given to the last class where a child is picked up.

Following the sermon and Sunday School teaching, parents/guardians are encouraged to model what it looks like to repent, receive forgiveness, and observe the sacrament of communion together as a family of believers. Finally, kids will stay in service with their families to complete the church service in worship together.

 Kids of all ages are always WELCOME to stay and be a part of the worship/sermon portion of service with their parent/guardian. There are activity bags to borrow and coloring sheets, etc. provided on hooks and shelves in the entry for kids to utilize during the service.

River city youth 3rd through 12th grade are also welcome to any activity pages as well as sermon note-taking pages that are available in the entry.

Family Sundays

  • Memorial day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Sunday means that all RCKids classes are open for parent/guardian use only. No Sunday School class/direct discipling will be provided. RCKids of all ages will be provided a table full of choice activities for in-service participation, including activity pages, special activity bags with coloring books, short Bible story books, small toys, crayons or markers, and a snack of choice. These are all provided for children in the entry area. 

These family Sundays allow our volunteers to worship with their families during these holiday times, and they allow us as a church family to fellowship together. Most family Sundays will have one service time due to the historically smaller numbers over holidays. Please check our calendar for any updates on dates and times.