Care & Counseling

Caring for our body as we care for our community.

We all want peace in our lives. 
We all want to live a life with meaning and purpose.
And we all need hope to get us through each day.

We believe that each of these things are ultimately found in God.

The reason we lose our peace, drift without passion, and fall into despair is because we tend to find our security and satisfaction in the transient things of this world, which all fade away. 

But in God, we have an eternal rock, a foundation that cannot be shaken. He alone is worthy of our trust. He alone is worthy of our heart’s first love. He alone can truly satisfy in a way that cannot be found in the things of this world.

It is the mission of the care ministry to help people love, trust, and obey God in any life situation. 

Our answers are grounded in the Bible, the Word of God, and our care is grounded in the imago dei, the image of God that is found in every human soul. 

If you are interested in meeting with someone from our Care Ministry, please email [email protected]. We have a team of trained individuals who are ready to walk alongside you and help you see how the gospel of Jesus Christ speaks into all of life.