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Freedom in Worship

Where do your hands go during Sunday corporate gathered worship? Some are stuck in the pockets, only to move if necessary. Some are up in the air. I have felt uncomfortable in this situation in the past because of the questions that spin in my mind. Is it more spiritual to raise my hands? Will people think I am not worshipping if I keep my hands at my side? What if th...

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Worship Teams at River City - Using our Gifts to the Glory of God

Ralph Martin (in his book Worship in the Early Church on pg. 17) defines worship in this way, “Christian worship, then, is the happy blend of offering to God our creator and Redeemer through Jesus Christ both what we owe to Him and what we would desire to give to Him.” What a joy it is for me to take the small gifts that God has given me to assist our ch...

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Uncovering the Promises of the Gospel

"How often do we humbly acknowledge the gift of salvation, of being brought from death to life, and yet, for reasons of doubt, lack of understanding, or unbelief, we leave some of the other beautiful promises of the Gospel covered as if they don’t exist."...

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Identity Frames Stewardship

Stewardship - is a word that we typically hear brought up when challenged about our time, talent, and treasure.  The question typically goes like this:  How are you stewarding the things that you have been given - your time, your talent/gifts, and your treasure/money/resources? In this post, I'd like to challenge you to consider a fourth category into your stewa...

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Summer Sermon Series: Proverbs

"The book of Proverbs is practical help from God for weak people like us stumbling through daily life.  It is his counsel for the perplexed, his strength for the defeated, his warning to the proud, his mercy for the broken.  The book of Proverbs is the gospel - good news for the inept thorugh the wisdom of Another.  We have every reason to receive it with a ...

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River City Women's Weekend

We're excited to announce our Women's Weekend entitled Here is Our God: A Weekend For Women, Not About Women happening June 6th and 7th here in Fargo.  The purpose behind the weekend away is to continue fostering relationships between women, fighting for their identity in Christ, and clarifying the function of each person plays in the outward-focused missi...

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Easter Sunday to Regular Monday

He is RISEN! What a glorious truth! All around the world, thousands and thousands of Christians raised their voices in celebration that the grave could not hold God’s Christ! Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection we are not only forgiven but are gifted with eternal life as Sons and Daughters - men and women purchased by His own blood from every tribe, tong...

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Silent Saturday - Easter 2014

The journey to the cross was complete. All four of the Gospel Writers talk bout the death & burial of Jesus. Sundown on Friday was the beginning of the Sabbath. Neither handling a dead body nor the work of preparing one for a burial was acceptable. So a man named Joseph from Arimathea, offered a tomb and linen for Jesus’ body. He was laid in the tomb and a larg...

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The Journey to the Cross - Good Friday

Good Friday - The Glorious Agony of the Cross "And when they came to the place that is called The Skull, there they crucified him, and the criminals, one on his right and one on his left." (Luke 23:33 ESV) What an overly simplistic way to describe what happened on that hillside. “…there they crucified him…” Crucifixion wasn’t an uncommon...

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The Journey to the Cross - Thursday

“If I do not wash you, you have no share with me.” Jesus gathers with his disciples to celebrate the Passover meal in a rented upstairs room. Now, there was likely some washing of hands and face from a day outside in the dusty city… but before the meal Jesus does something truly remarkable. The Apostle John records it in his gospel: “Now before ...

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