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My One Comfort

May 12, 2015 by: Jake Peterson | 0 Comments

The Heidelberg Catechism, written in 1563, was designed, as all catechisms, as a teaching tool. Usually arranged as a series of questions and answers, catechisms help build unity around the basic beliefs or tenants of the faith. While there are a number of good, solid... Keep Reading

Advent Worship Guide

November 30, 2014 by: Jake Peterson | 0 Comments

Hello RC, Traditionally Advent has celebrated with the lighting of candles or the opening of little cardboard doors of stale chocolate. Those traditions are not bad traditions but we want to make sure we don’t miss the bigger picture of what God is doing in sen... Keep Reading

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Sorrowful Yet Always Rejoicing

November 21, 2014 by: Jake Peterson | 0 Comments

It happened again today. I received an email from friends who, through tears, were telling me that the baby they were expecting had stopped developing and that she (the mom) should expect to miscarry within the next week or so. I thought of them, and their other youn... Keep Reading

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Freedom in Worship

August 4, 2014 by: Daniel Holder | 0 Comments

Where do your hands go during Sunday corporate gathered worship? Some are stuck in the pockets, only to move if necessary. Some are up in the air. I have felt uncomfortable in this situation in the past because of the questions that spin in my mind. Is it more spir... Keep Reading

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Ralph Martin (in his book Worship in the Early Church on pg. 17) defines worship in this way, “Christian worship, then, is the happy blend of offering to God our creator and Redeemer through Jesus Christ both what we owe to Him and what we would desire to ... Keep Reading

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Uncovering the Promises of the Gospel

June 19, 2014 by: Jake Peterson | 0 Comments

"How often do we humbly acknowledge the gift of salvation, of being brought from death to life, and yet, for reasons of doubt, lack of understanding, or unbelief, we leave some of the other beautiful promises of the Gospel covered as if they don’t exist."... Keep Reading

Identity Frames Stewardship

June 19, 2014 by: Brett Moser | 0 Comments

Stewardship - is a word that we typically hear brought up when challenged about our time, talent, and treasure.  The question typically goes like this:  How are you stewarding the things that you have been given - your time, your talent/gifts, and your treas... Keep Reading

Summer Sermon Series: Proverbs

May 29, 2014 by: Brett Moser | 0 Comments

"The book of Proverbs is practical help from God for weak people like us stumbling through daily life.  It is his counsel for the perplexed, his strength for the defeated, his warning to the proud, his mercy for the broken.  The book of Proverbs is the gospe... Keep Reading

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River City Women's Weekend

May 9, 2014 by: Charlie Hogstad | 0 Comments

We're excited to announce our Women's Weekend entitled Here is Our God: A Weekend For Women, Not About Women happening June 6th and 7th here in Fargo.  The purpose behind the weekend away is to continue fostering relationships between women, fighting ... Keep Reading

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Easter Sunday to Regular Monday

April 21, 2014 by: Jake Peterson | 0 Comments

He is RISEN! What a glorious truth! All around the world, thousands and thousands of Christians raised their voices in celebration that the grave could not hold God’s Christ! Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection we are not only forgiven but are gifte... Keep Reading

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